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Music Jam Sessions Are Back 🎤!

Hey Angels!

The Goddess Mic is back on for SOM Jam Sessions on all the Sounds of Maria social media platforms (Instagram, TikTok, Twitch & YouTube | handle for all of them is the same as always: @soundsofmaria).

I put the SOM Jam Sessions on pause for a bit so I could focus on recording more music for our upcoming album release in early 2024, Sounds of María and revitalizing myself in mind and body. Now SOM Jam Sessions is back with a new twist on the quick jams I was giving you before. What's the twist? The of doing cover songs for my Angels, I am singing sneak peek snippets of new music material. Some of the new material are going to be on the Sounds of María album coming out in 2024. Some of the material are songs that I wrote during the pandemic through present day. It was suggested to me that I shouldn't do this because people might copy or steal my material. But, all of my material belongs to me and my label imprint, RebelbyDesign Music Group both in copyright and trademark where applicable. So....that means....I feel confident and covered. More than that, from a soul level, from my heart, I really want to share more original music with you because I write all of my music from my heart and soul. Also, there is music that needs your support to get it out there to the rest of the world. We can do that together by getting a little vibe going every week when I preview new songs for you 😉

There's already an SOM Jam Session reel up across all my social media platforms for three new songs that will all be on the SOM album:

  1. Don't Need Permission

  2. Clown Shit

  3. Outta Mind

Go take a listen on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. After you listen, like the videos and reels. Make sure you leave your comments and I will respond to each of you. Then, share the videos with your followers so we can spread the sound to everybody's ears. Use the hashtags: #rebelbydesignmusicgroup #soundsofmaria #somjamsessions

Thank you, Angels! Let's get it!

Sending you lots of love,

~ 💋 The Goddess

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