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Jukebox 📻 + Clown Shit 🤡

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Happy Saturday Angels,

How's the weekend?! Finally finished recording the vocals for Jukebox and I'm so happy with how this song is coming together. Things have been so busy lately that I had to record the majority of it overnight. I think I finished around 4:30 a.m. just to make sure my vocals got done. Juancho was starting to get a little anxious and honestly, so was I but my time had to go to other projects. We both feel the difference in our work process. When we recorded in-studio in Colombia, we could get a song done in less than a day. The last song we recorded before I left Colombia from hearing the music for the first time to pre-mix of the vocal recording was done in about 4 hours. It took Juancho maybe a few days to compose the instrumental from the original demo recording I made. From that speed to this, a week to create the track and another week to finish the recording, we feel the difference. We're both drivers, which makes it easy to get a lot done, more so in the studio. I do miss recording in-person but other projects have me traveling around.

When it comes to collabs with other artists and producers, I prefer working in person at the studio with everyone involved. It's more synergetic and production goes so much faster, in many cases. Writing, recording and producing a song on my own, I like having all the time and space to draw down on inspiration, sync up with my inner space and get into a flow.

There's another song I'm about to hop to next. Clown Shit. The goal is for it to fully mixed and mastered in time to include on the album. If not, it'll have to be it's own single like Back To Music (BTM) was, but this time maybe add a remix version. Clown Shit was written in 2021 and production on it started last September of 2022 though it's obviously still not done. It looks like this is following in BTM's dragged out footsteps and taking over a year to produce and release. I don't even know where to begin in explaining that one. Production on BTM and Clown Shit have both been remote; we're never in the same state, even when I am in the US. Getting on the same page with Treasure to get this track produced has been a struggle and it was the same with BTM. It's one of the professional hazards that are sometimes endured when artist and producer live in 2 completely different worlds, different time clocks and, in some ways, operate from different mindsets. Nevertheless, I wrote CS and tracked it to be part of the Sounds of María EP originally. Now that SOM is being released as a full album, I have some more time and still want CS on there. Either way, whether it's on the album or a single, I'm reworking things to wrap up production so we can stop sitting on this track.

Jukebox is a classic R&B joint that takes you back in time and Clown Shit has a futuristic Lo-fi Trap vibe that gives you those words you'll enjoy throwin' around at people. Different sounds, totally different messages, but the same laid-back vocal style. Worth having on repeat, you'll feel both tracks in different ways.

Like, comment on and share this post to get the word out about these, soon to be released, goodies droppin' in your ear! Happy weekending!


~María del Mar 💋


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