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SOM Jam Sessions

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Hey Angels!

It's been a minute, more than a much has happened and here is something new that will be ongoing like the upcoming blogs posts I have for ya! You know jam sessions are nothing new, but I put spin on it and started a new trend doing quick, acapella jam sessions instead of the traditional model of jam sessions, acapella covers and cover songs online. I combined the best of them in what I call the Sounds of María Jam Sessions...SOM Jam Sessions for short. As of a few months ago, I started posting acapella cover versions of some of the greatest classics. Staying true to the original, I embellish the vocals just a tiny bit to add my flavor as homage to what each song has inspired in my as a vocalist and as an artist. For about a minute and thirty seconds you can jam along and rediscover your love for the greats on my personal TikTok page, Instagram feed and YouTube channel. If you haven't seen the last ones, definitely go check it and make requests for new ones you'd love to have me do for you. Once more of you tune in, I'll dedicate on special day a week for this new fun. For now, I'm bringing you SOM Jam Sessions on a weekly to bi-weekly basis and we can all jam together!


~María del Mar 💋

SOM Jam Sessions
SOM Jam Sessions

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