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A Flurry Of Photoshoots & Music Video Visuals In Atlanta

Hiiii Angels!

I feel like I literally ran through Atlanta these past few weeks shooting for photoshoots, music videos and more visuals. I was shooting everywhere, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Piedmont Park, Millennium Gate, Atlantic Station...I went to work and got it all done just in time! I was literally shooting B-roll and behind the scenes captures up until 11pm the night before I had to catch an 8am flight. It was madness and exhausting but I'm so glad I got everything accomplished on the photo and video side.

The only downside to this leg of the Sounds of Maria recording tour is that I did not finish Savannah (The Altanta Mix) while I was actually in Atlanta. I got more clarity on what I want and need for the song, but I wasn't able to find the right fit in producers to give me the sound mix I need. I started composing half of it myself but I really wanted to collaborate with an artist out of Atlanta to give the song a little more authenticity. But, here's the thing. I actually wrote this song three years ago when I was working on music in Houston. So, truth, I don't think it's all about everything being "authentically" from Savannah or Atlanta...I think it's about me creating the song authentically to the sound that was given to me when I first heard it my head and was inspired to write it. Nerve wrecking...but I might be doing this one on my own. Working with anyone else on it just hasn't felt right so far and I can't push that.

On the upside of things, I did get a banging remix done for "Don't Need Permission" while I was in Atlanta and when I tell you it's a yooooo! The remix is called "DNP (Don't Need Permission Remix". It was done by GHSTKNTE, a producer out of Kingston and he delivered, Angels. Believe me. Wait til you jump to this one!

Also.....I'm doing lives now! I just started today, but I am going to go live as much as possible, (tomorrow, actually!) on Instagram and YouTube to chat with you all more instead of just posting content when I have it ready. I'm thinking of streaming some of my vocal recording and dance rehearsal sessions in the near future too. But there are some copyright issues I'll have to work around first with that.

That's all I got for now. I've got some other fun notes for you this weekend about my next stop on the SOM recording tour: New Orleans. Come back and read that post too ;)


~The Goddess

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