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Test Shots Happening 4 SOM 📷📽️

Hey Angels!

I keep dropping in and out of the blog. Things have been heeeeeccctttiiiccc. Hectic! But it's all working out slowly but surely....5 more completed pop/dance/r&b songs for the album are in the bag now from Juancho in Bogota, 1 dancehall remix is being completed by GHSTKNTE in Kingston, 1 hip-hop song is hopefully coming out of Phoenix with Treasure by this summer and I am finishing production on the 3 remaining songs.

Things are coming together and so much so now that I am in the test shots phase for how we're planning to style the Sounds of Maria dance visuals and cover shots. CdMdM Film Productions (@CasaFilmProductions) is handling all the visuals and E&G Fashion House (IG:@EandGFashion | TikTok: @EandGFashion) is handling all the styling. You can see a sneak peak of my first test shot reel by clicking on the handles in this post or go straight to my IG (@SoundsofMaria) and TikTok (@SoundsofMaria)! Of course I wouldn't leave this post without some still shots below, but of course you're going to want to hit the socials to see the full reel ;)!

With lots of love from the sky!

~The Goddess 💋

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