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In Latex Under Neon Lights

Hey Angels!

I started filming the music video for one of the last tracks on the Sounds of Maria album, "Outta Mind". It was filmed by Casa Film Productions and styled by E& G Fashion House. Hot neons lights blaring at me and dressed in a skin tight neon pink latex dress on top of neon yellow stilettos...I thought I was actually going to go out of my mind lol! We ran through the scenes so fast and I'm just lucky I didn't look sweaty by the end of it all. I posted some candids on my IG and TikTok. Casa and RbD posted a reel of some of the outtakes too. Check those out for a quick preview and stay tuned for more.

I can't wait for all of you to see the full video. The energy is high and it's only going to get higher as it all comes together!

Sending lots of high vibes outta my mind,

~The Goddess 💋

Latex & Neon

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