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Notes That Sound As Good In A Blog As In The Music

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Notes That Sound As Good In A Blog As In The Music
Notes That Sound As Good In A Blog As In The Music

Dear Angels 🦢,

I hope this will be my first of many notes that sound as good in a blog as in the music to you, my audience, my fans, my Angels. You all are my Angels because it's only on your wings that the music and artistry I create will be able to fly. The idea of calling you my Angels came to me while I was writing a song called Jukebox (I'll drop a sample of this in the near future). Jukebox is a retro pop song that is an upbeat, sultry love letter from me to you, my fans. The idea of my fans being my angels suddenly popped into my head while I was writing the hook. I wrote the idea into the song and it stuck for good! I can't tell you yet when you will hear Jukebox released but I will leave you teasers for it as that time gets closer.

I'm not leaving the air completely dry though! Back To Music (BTM) is being distributed worldwide as we speak on every platform and in every online store it can be released in so you can add it to your playlists and buy it wherever you like to grab your tunes from. I'll drop the announcement for each major platform BTM shows up on in my Instagram, Facebook and TikTok stories, and in my Twitter feed as well. All my social media links and the ones for RbD are at the bottom of the page. Please follow, follow, follow, share, share, share and get the word out so the music can grow. While you do that for me, I will be finishing my EP Sounds of María for you. SOM will have 5 killer songs on it, each from a different genre to make you spin...just a little bit...and drop ALL the flavors on you. Spread your wings Angels, this Goddess is coming at you with some fire for your ears 🔥!


~María del Mar 💋

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