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Recording & Rehearsing in New Orleans + Jazz School in the French Quarter

Hey Angels!

What's flying high? I hope you're all out there spreading your wings in these beautiful summer months!

After I left Atlanta, I landed in the heart of Louisiana to start recording & rehearsing in New Orleans, in the French Quarter and immediately started class in the history of Jass, now Jazz, and Blues music and how it's transformed the sounds of American music into the commercial sounds we know and love today all around the world. Jazz school in New Orleans or rather, class in the French Quarter is the sound of music almost all day long from a renowned music club/bar or a well known local artist playing a set for us outside, livening up the streets with their tunes.

I had a chance to play at an art gallery on Royal Street called M.Sani Studio (literally made something up as I went along 😂) on this beautiful standup piano that M.Sani painted himself and wanted to go back to play a snippet of "Officially Invited" but recording and life in the Quarter quickly took over my spare time.

I finally finished recording "2024" and that's in the mix & master phase now. I've moved on to recording the demos for "Love Letter From A Fan" and "Ain't No Sunshine" and finishing the instrumental for "Officially Invited" (still working on mixing that into a beat that will be a hot intro for SOM). And, this week I start rehearsing choreo again. It's time to dive into dance rehearsals for the "Danseuse" and "Looking For You" music videos.

Life in the French Quarter of the Big Easy is loud, hot, busy....but so very sweet and charming. Nothing is really a bother with nights along the Mississippi River Delta swooning by the Riverwalk. And not much beats morning beignets, praline/southern cake lattes and a literary obsession like my newest book obsession with The Pelican Brief (a novel partly based on The French Quarter!). The next recording tour stop was meant to be Chicago, but I am very glad New Orleans was added in last minute. Oh, Louisiana....!

I left some snippets below for you of "2024", "Love Letter From A Fan" and "Officially Invited".

Catch you on the next update...bye for now, Angels!

XoXo 💋,

The Goddess


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